Major missions since the company was founded in 2005:

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Automated corporate information systems backup infrastructure

Design and deployment of an automated corporate information systems backup infrastructure to save all company data to tapes with barely no user intervention.

Hardware/Software: Dell Small Business Server / Backup Exec / Windows Active Directory / Roaming profiles / File Server
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Stock/Retail shelves management/profit reporting/optimization software

Design and coding of a Java web application to analyze and report profit on a per pharmacy basis. Profit analysis at all levels of the pharmacy including performance by shelves layouts.

Software: Java / Tomcat 6 / Java Server Faces 1.1 / Hibernate / PostgreSQL server / RichFaces / JFreeChart
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CMS Infrastructure

Design and deployment of a CMS to allow the customer to edit his websites as well as quick rollout new websites for new customers without the need to write code.

Software: Drupal / Custom hacking of the open source code in order to fit the clients's exact needs
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Created advertising network (2007)

Design, project management and deployment of a complete infrastructure (Software, servers and network) to manage an advertising network in the group pharmacies (Wall mounted LCD/Plasma screens based).
Development of a "Box" with software and network connection for unattended operation.

Hardware: Dell SmallPCs - Software: .NET 2.0 Application running on Windows Vista Business Edition and PHP / MySQL based code for the central server (advertisement campaigns repository)

Setup a customized Enterprise Social Network (2014)

Document Management
Activity streams
Drive adoption
Software: eXo Platform and custom developed addons/skins
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Brokerhub offers access to a web-based network linking traders, brokers and back office.

1 year contract / Task: Building a Rich Internet Application using Ajax and modern widgets.

Software: Java j2EE / Java Server Faces 1.2 / JBoss Seam 2 / JBoss RichFaces Ajax / RichFaces Components / Spring 2 / Adobe Flex 3 SDK with comet push technology / JBoss Hibernate
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Building a Rich Internet Application (100% web based) for discovering and e-trading/OTC trading Exchange Traded Funds using Ajax and modern widgets.

3 years contract
Full details are confidential.
Application in production at
(click Discover ETFOne link for some screenshots)

Software: Java JEE 5 / Java Server Faces 1.2 / JBoss Seam 2 / JBoss RichFaces Ajax / RichFaces Components / Primefaces Ajax widgets/ JQuery / JQuery UI / Full interactive Ajax HTML5 Canvas charts / JBoss Hibernate / JBoss Application Server 7 / Postgresql 9 RDBMS / CouchBase NoSQL / Terracotta Clustered Cache / RabbitMQ AMQP for multi frontend order routing.
FIX Engine protocol for Euronext Cash markets gateway