~12 years experience in the Financial sector, Backoffice/Frontoffice IT Architecture & infrastructure, Software Design.

  • Broker services (Trading, Price dissemination and Trade confirmations)

  • Advanced knowledge and experience implementing trade confirmation systems using Swapswire Technology

  • (see References)

Advanced knowledge in financial instruments

  • Extensive experience in the OTC derivatives market

  • Interest Swaps (IRS/OIS)

  • Options (including all common trading strategies)

  • Variance Swaps

  • Exchanged Traded Funds/Notes/Commodities (Trackers)

Advanced experience in E-Trading and realtime push data in a pure web environment

  • Realtime web browser push using persistent connections (comet push)

  • Development of interfaces for pricers and backoffice

  • Integrating heterogeneous systems with Middlewares (Reuters TibCo / AMQP / ActiveMQ)

  • Realtime Market Data Feeds API integration (Markit / Quanthouse / etc.)

  • FiX protocol expertise (Euronext Cash/Bond markets implementations)